Salinas de Formentera, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, became in the past the main source of income thanks to the exploitation of salt. Today they are not only recognized for their heritage and history, but also for their great ecological and sustainability value over the centuries. Thanks to their physical and chemical characteristics, the Salinas are a special place for the protection and conservation of a great diversity of birds (migratory and resident), invertebrates and microorganisms. The conservation and care of the Salinas is essential for the maintenance of the traditional culture of Formentera and the ecosystem.

Currently constant tasks are being carried out to maintain the mineral and biological balance on a daily basis, as well as to recover the stone walls, which not only separate some salt flats from the others, but also prevent the total flooding of the channels and maintain sand that allow nesting of birds and colonization by halophilic (salt-loving) vegetation. The recovery and full maintenance of the lime walls will allow the Salinas to reach their optimal potential as a meeting point for birds , both for your rest and for your reproduction.

Check here the report. The beginning of the recovery of the walls with lime mortar.