Daisee Aguilera Fletcher

CEO & Project Manager
Marine Biologist specializing in Coastal Management
Technical Training in Maritime Transport and Fisheries

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists in Renewable Energies, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, Maritime Transport and Technical and Scientific scuba diving.


Ana Encandell Alcántara

Environmental Tecnitian
Degree in Environmental Sciences


Marc Ferrer Vidal

Marine Scientist
Degree in Marine Scientist

Industrial technicians experts in renewable energies and energy efficiency

Environmental Scientists experts in waste management and conservation initiatives

Marine Scientists experts in Marine Biology, oceanography and scientific scuba diving

Experts in raising environmental awareness and campaign management



We support doing the right thing above sales figures. If a project has a negative effect on the Environment, we won’t do it!


We design Solutions with a vision for the future, not for the short term.



If we don’t believe in your project, we won’t do it, if we believe in it, we will give it our all!

Hard word

We invest all of our resources in making sure our Solutions are innovative and leaders in their sector.


“Businesses can trust WSS in all phases of their project, from papers and licenses to setting up and developing activity. We are experts in defining clear technical strategies for each client and simplifying each phase of a project so clients maintain their motivation and their goals.”

Daisee Aguilera Fletcher

How we work

Discover our methods in 3 steps:

Strategy and project design

Definition of technical strategies


Simplify all project phases

Turnkey operations

From the study phase until the full launch. All-in-one Solutions

Trust in Whitesand

Our motivation: Integrity, modesty, discipline, vision, connections, passion, energy, results, experience and versatility.