Last week, the programme promoted by the Island Council of Formentera and the Government of the Balearic Islands ‘We have values in sport’ was held at the Centre for Nautical Sports of Formentera (CENF)

A full day of sports activities and environmental workshops addressed to the students of 4th primary school in Formentera. In these days the children of Formentera were able to start in nautical sports such as kayaking and sailboard surfing while learning environmental values and awareness about plastic pollution and its harmful effects on human and marine fauna. Sports workshops were carried out by CENF monitors and environmental workshops were led by a Cleanwave Foundation monitor, Pilar Gómez, and by environmental educators of our team Ana Escandell and Raquel Ba.on.

The working methodology of our environmental education workshops focuses on stimulating and developing the curiosity, creativity and autonomy of children; they allow them and them to set the pace of activity according to their collective needs. The development of artistic skills through the reuse of waste in the production of manual works, promoting creative expression and at the same time raising awareness of the problem of waste pollution. Group work also enables us to promote and encourage cooperation, negotiation for mutual agreements, empathy, responsibility, respect and decision-making collectively. Let us consider all these fundamental values in people’s attitude and behaviour not only in their interaction with others but also with the environment. That is why it is also our duty to work on them from the perspective of environmental disclosure. Workshops and activities that we believe are intended to be a reinforcement and complement to the concepts worked in classrooms. They also include the artistic component, since science and art are based on the same quality, curiosity.

We thank the Formentera Council Sports Area for its confidence in Whitesand to carry out these workshops for environmental education for Formentera schoolchildren.

y Pudent and ses salines are located within the Natural Park of Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera and within the Natura200 Network that defines this area as a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA).

Finally, we hope that this will help ensure the success of poultry breeding and that more and more species choose Estany Pudent as a place for feeding and breeding.