As a result of the publication, on March 8, in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) of the “Draft Regulation by which anchoring and the legal regime of mooring facilities in the Estany des Peix are regulated” has opened the deadline for submitting applications to obtain a mooring in this space. A period of 30 business days is established from the day of its publication, with the last day for submitting applications being April 22.

The installation works that are being carried out will enable a pontoon anchoring area, with a total of 78 moorings, and an ecological buoy anchoring area, with 207 more moorings. Altogether, there will be a total of 285 anchorages around the entire Estany des Peix for boats between 4 and 10 meters in length.

For the application, a series of documentation related to the vessel and its owner must be presented, as well as any evidence that can demonstrate that the vessel was anchored before July 5, 2002, which will allow obtaining an advantage when get a tie and a higher score. The granting of the places will be based on the score obtained, marked by the characteristics of the boat and the time of use of the Estany des Peix as an anchoring space.

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